giovedì 10 settembre 2015

Norway, Children in War International Cartoon Exhibition

Children in War
The Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery presents the exhibition «Children in War» to focus on the suffering of children in war- and conflict areas. Through media we are witnesses to children´s situation in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Gaza and Yemen among other places. We see children as refugees, terrified, wounded and murdered. They have lost their safety, their homes, schools and are even taken as hostages and soldiers.
The exhibition is produced in cooperation with the cartoonists Fadi Abou Hassan from Syria and Arifur Rahman from Bangladesh. They both live in Norway as political refugees under the protection of ICORN and Norwegian PEN.
We are deeply grateful to all participating cartoonists from 51 different countries. Their positive response and high quality of cartooning have made this exhibition possible.
With compliments
Fadi Abou Hassan
Arifur Rahman
Vigdis Wolden

Participants list of Children in war exhibition 2015

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Oggi, alle ore 14:30, è stata inaugurata la mostra "Children in War" ("Bambini in guerra") alla galleria d'arte "Avistegnernes Hus" di Drøbak, in Norvegia. La mostra è stata realizzata in collaborazione con Arifur Rahman del Bangladesh e Fadi Abu Hassan della Siria, entrambi rifugiati politici, e vanta i contributi di 67 vignettisti di 51 paesi.

Gli italiani che espongono sono:

Enrico Bertuccioli
Fulvio Fontana 
Pietro Vanessi 
Paolo Morelli 
Agim Sulaj 
Valeriano Cappello 
Paolo Lombardi
Alcuni disegni in mostra:

"Childlike Innocence" - Nigeria
Paolo Morelli

di Paolo Lombardi

tOOns MaG

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