venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Grecia, vignette internazionali (prima parte)


Athens is burning in indignation.they've been gently asked to leave the euro by the "economical authorities". The attempt of a E.U. in different speeds and weights is being step by step consolidated, but the consistence of Europe as a common culture was born here, and legacy can't be burned by the new banking world order. All for one, one for all, that was the basics of E.U. so called democracy. you banking system get out first please.
12 Feb 2012 Cartoon Movement


I hit this on yesterday's riots in Greece. Besides being a complaint of unnecessary violence seem to me a perfect metaphor.
12 Feb 2012Cartoon Movement


Is it really necessary to request humiliating and destabilizing guarantees to Greece if we consider that its collapse could involve the whole of Europe?
12 Feb 2012 Cartoon Movement


Europe vs Zeus
13 Feb 2012 Cartoon Movement

 Firuz Kutal  13Feb 2012

Insert Coin

Waiting for the aid of the EU
13 Feb 2012 Cartoon Movement

Evolution of Democracy

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15 Feb 2012 Cartoon Movement

Greece Europe
By Frederick Deligne, Nice-Matin, France  -  2/12/2012

Greek riots
By Martin Sutovec, Slovakia  -  2/13/2012


Greece against crisis
By Michael Kountouris, Greece  -  2/17/2012
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