giovedì 16 settembre 2010

Il Papa in Gran Bretagna

Oggi il Papa arriva in Gran Bretagna per una visita di Stato di quattro  giorni.  C'è molta diffidenza e tantissime critiche, ma il papa è ottimista!

Diversi giornali inglesi hanno disegnato vignette relative alla storico evento, eccone alcune...

The Pope's baggage.
by Peter Brookes -The time

The Pope arrives in Britain today for a four-day state visit. Several of the British daily newspapers have cartoons relating to the historic event. Peter Brookes in The Times shows the Pope in his Popemobile, having just arrived at Edinburgh airport. On the trailer behind, we can see a number of suitcases with labels such as 'Anti-abortion', 'No Condoms', and 'Child Abuse'.
The cartoonist plays on the double meaning of the word 'baggage'. Baggage can, of course, refer to the bags and cases that you take with you when you travel, but you can also use baggage figuratively to refer to someone's emotional problems, fixed ideas, or prejudices. • New research even suggests that frequent moving can mean children carry emotional baggage through to adulthood. In this case, it's the baggage of the Catholic church that the Pope is trailing behind him.

Steve Bell on the Pope's visit to Britain
Steve Bell on Pope Benedict XVI's state visit to Britain being met with protests and apathy
Steve Bell, Thursday 16 September 2010 
Matt Daily Telegraph

The Independent  

Il Papa in Gran Bretagna
Matteo Bertelli

Paride Puglia PUNCH
 da The Times

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