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Olimpiadi Londra 2012: i cerchi olimpici

Olympic games unites
Vladimir Kazanevsky
Olympic games unites people. 25 Jul 2012


london 2012
 By Joep Bertrams, The Netherlands - 7/17/2012

Gianfranco Uber
In defiance of the noble principles of De Coubertain the business of the Olympic logo marketing in this London edition has reached the best world record levels. 23 Jul 2012

Emilio Agra
. 26 Jul 2012

Pax Olympica
By Kap, Spain - 7/27/2012

Olympic security
By Peter Broelman, Australia - 7/19/2012

London olympic games 2012
Djamel Lounis
The Olympic Flame arrived in London 28 Jul 201

new unemployment olimpic record
Rafael Carrasco (Lucas)
24 Jul 2012

Specialità: Cerchietto
Mauro Biani

Spirito olimpico
CeciGian by Pubblicata su Il Nuovo Male n°9 di luglio/agosto

Victor Ndula
Looking forward to an amazing sporting display but lets not forget other pressing issues as well... 30 Jul 2012

Standard bearers
Miguel Villalba Sánchez (Elchicotriste)
and here it comes the flag of the allmighty nation 28 Jul 2012

London's paranoia
Miguel Villalba Sánchez (Elchicotriste)
The Olympic games in London have just started, and with them a thick security system under the fear of possible terrorist attack. 27 Jul 2012

Emilio Agra
. 27 Jul 2012

The Spirit of the Olympics
Tjeerd Royaards
... 27 Jul 2012
Peter Schrank -The Indipendent

Games Begin
 By Mike Keefe, Cagle Cartoons - 7/26/2012

Olympics minute
 By Steve Greenberg, Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - 7/27/2012

my Olympics

About London Olympics 2012
© Dilem (Algérie)

 Cartooning for Peace / Dessins pour la Paix

Carton publicado en EL UNIVERSAL el 28 de Julio 2012.

Angel Boligan


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