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Emilio Agra (1952-2014)

The look

 EMILIO AGRA (1952-2014) è stato un'artista, scultore  ed uno fra i più grandi cartoonists del mondo.
Nato in Spagna nel 1952,  all'età di 7 anni si era trasferito in Venezuela, per qualche anno a Caracas e poi a Maracay, , capitale dello stato di Aragua, dove ha trascorso la sua esistenza.
Ho raccolto qualche sua opera per ricordarlo tra cui quelle bellissime con il tema delle Olimpiadi
e qui di seguito i link dei suoi blog e siti dove potrete ammirare tutte le altre. In fondo una breve biografia e il ritratto omaggio di Paolo Lombardi.

día de la mujer
Festa della Donna

Emilio Agra
09 Nov 2013

A Tribute
Emilio Agra
It´s not a cartoon. Only a little homage to "The Electric Poet" 28 Oct 2013

The big bulldog
Emilio Agra
. 20 Aug 2012

That`s why they want Assange

Emilio Agra
An old pitch, but necessary today. 20 Aug 2012
Sandy arrives to N.Y.
Emilio Agra
... 29 Oct 2012


Emilio Agra

Emilio Agra
Venezuela's dilemma for next Sunday is between a young nation seeking a social direction and the old capitalism countries eater, who wants to turn things back and impose his doctrine of exclusion 05 Oct 2012

Emilio Agra
The September 11 1973, the beast of horror, fed by Washington and the multinational ITT, pounced on Chile ... Allende... Allende... your name still resonates in the memory of the continent!

Emilio Agra
... 29 Jun 2013


Emilio Agra
. 26 Jul 2012

Emilio Agra
. 27 Jul 2012

Olympic awards
Emilio Agra
. 01 Aug 2012


Emilio Agra
A little trouble 06 Aug 2012

Emilio Agra
di Paolo Lombardi

Emilio Agra (1952- 2014)
At age of seven he lived in Caracas and to twelve in Maracay (Venezuela). Since 1970 he is a sculptor given to humor drawing or perhaps a humorist devoted to sculpture. From that year to date, he has made more than fifty exhibition (between collective and individual), both in the field of sculpture and drawing and the graphic humor. He has published his drawings (either as cartoons or illustrations) in: various magazines and newspapers. For 16 years maintained a daily cartoon (La Ñapa ) in "El Periódico" (then called "El Periodiquito") Maracay (1988-2004)... Since 2006, he published an inter-daily caricature in "Ultimas Noticias" (Caracas, Venezuela). He occasionally illustrated in different national and foreign publications... He has published five books. see more:

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