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23 settembre 2011: Abbas all'ONU!

Abbas apply for membership in UN 
By Riber Hansson, Sweden  -  9/23/2011

NAZIONI UNITE (Reuters) - Il presidente palestinese Mahmoud Abbas oggi 9/23/11  ha consegnato al segretario generale delle Nazioni unite Ban Ki-moon la domanda per il riconoscimento Onu dello stato palestinese, a cui si oppongono Stati Uniti e Israele. Lo riferisce un portavoce Onu. Abbas ha incontrato Ban nel quartier generale della Nazioni Unite per presentare formale richiesta al Consiglio di sicurezza Onu, che dovrebbe prendersi del tempo per valutarla. 

Paolo Lombardi

Palestine UN Membership Request File
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is offering talks in an effort to dissuade Palestinians to seek a vote on the recognition of Palestinian statehood by the United Nations. Abbas, however, has stated he is determined to force the vote on this matter.
   Ramzy Taweel
20 Sep 2011 -

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Palestina e Obama. Non è per cattiveria.
Abu Mazen: "Riconoscere lo Stato palestinese". MAURO BIANI -

By Luojie, China Daily, China  -  9/21/2011

Nice-Matin, France

MidEast diplomacy
By Paresh Nath, The Khaleej Times, UAE  -  9/21/2011

Candidature palestinienne à l'ONU
Chappatte dans "Le Temps" (Genève)

Palestine à l'ONU: Obama dit non
Chappatte dans "Le Temps" (Genève)
The Denver Post

Declaring the Palestinian State    Sherif Arafa
Next week, the United Nations will vote on the question of recognizing Palestine as a state. Israel is fiercely against this recognition, and the United States already announced it will veto the decision in the Security Council, but Palestinians would likely have enough support at the UN General Assembly to get their status upgraded from an observing entity to a non-member state.


Palestinian leader Abbas has made an official request at the United Nations for the recognition of Palestine as a state. Critics fear this recognition will only be a symbolic step, and urge the recommencement of peace talks between Israel and Palestine.
24 Sep 2011
Schrank -The Indipendent
Pruning Palestine 
By Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune  -  9/23/2011

Plantù _France -cartooningforpeace

   Gianfranco Uber

The launch of the acknowledgement request as indipendent State definitely gives more trouble in Israel that the Hamas's rockets. Deminers are already working

24 Sep 2011

Israel Palestine #98630
By Kap, La Vanguardia, Spain  -  9/28/2011
Palestine -

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