venerdì 14 agosto 2020

I vincitori del concorso internazionale FECO 2020


The winners of FECO Exhibition 2020-2021

Theme: Theater

1-Elena Ospina - Colombia (29 points)

2-Liang Weichi -China (28 points)

3-Fadi Abou Hassan -Norway (27 points)

4-Agim Sulaj -Italy (25 points)

5-Jan Tomaschoff -Germany (19 points)

6-Damir Novak -Croatia (19 points)

7-Constantin Sunnerberg -Belgium (18 points)

The exhibition of selected works will be held in 2021. On that occasion the Public Prize will be awarded.

You See the:

Congratulations to all.

Greetings from Bernard Bouton

Curator of the exhibition

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