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Concorso: 17th International Cartoon Competition for World Press Freedom - Canada

Mi scrive Bado:
Dear fellow cartoonists and cartooning lovers,
Please find enclosed the call for entries to this year's contest.
Thank you in advance for your submission or for passing along this message.
Guy Badeaux
Jury president
Canadian Committee for World Press FreedomTwitter: @CDN_WPF

Here are the rules and regulations:

1. The theme for the 17th International Editorial Cartoon Competition is:

F for fake

Yesterday a global network with libertarian accents, has the Internet become a threat to democracies?Corporate-funded think tanks and fake grassroots groups are now everywhere and consumers often have difficulty in finding the source of the “information” they disseminate.The phenomenon is compounded by the fact that one doesn’t need to actually be where something is happening in order to report on it.
Many have also criticized the role of algorithms used by social networks in limiting debate by enclosing their users in ideological bubbles.

The term “fake news” has further been co-opted as a means of silencing legitimate journalism or criticism, and when confronted by verifiable facts, the term "alternative facts" has even been invoked.

2. Prizes: three prizes will be given: a first prize of $
1000 plus a Certificate from Canadian UNESCO, second and third prizes of $500. All sums are in Canadian dollars. Ten additional cartoons will receive an ‘Award of Excellence,’ Regrettably no financial remuneration accompanies the Awards of Excellence.

3. Only one cartoon will be accepted from each cartoonist. It may be either in color or black and white and must not have won an award.

4. The size of the cartoon should not exceed A4; 21 by 29.2 cm; or 8.50 by 11 inches.

5. The name, address, telephone number and a short biography of the cartoonist must be included in the submission.

6. The Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom shall have the rights to use any of the cartoons entered in the Competition for promotion of our Editorial Cartoon Competition and World Press Freedom Day.

7. The winners of the Cartoon Competition will be announced at the World Press Freedom Day Luncheon held at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Canada on Tuesday May 2, 2017 as well as being advised by e-mail. The winner’s names and their cartoons will be posted on the CCWFP web site.

8. The winning cartoons will be exhibited at the luncheon.

The deadline for receipt of cartoons is 5 p.m. GMT, Friday, March 31, 2017.
Send submissions by e-mail to :
Cartoons should be in jpeg format at 300 dpi

dal blog di Bado i risultati 2016

16th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition (Results)

The jury (composed of five members of the Canadian Committee of World Press Freedom)) met April 12, 2016 to select the winners of the 16th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition.
The theme, this year, was "the right to be forgotten".

Grand PrizeDale Cummings, Canada

Second PrizeRoger Tweedt, France

Third PrizeBruce MacKinnon, Canada

Awards of Excellence

Gabriele Corvi, Italy

René Bouschet, France

Ilya Katz, Israel

Didie SW, Indonesia

Carlos Amorim, Brazil

Pierre Ballouhey, France
"So, according to Google you were born November 14, 2015 on the Turkish border!, Right!"

Victor Bogorad, Russia

Dan Murphy, Ireland

Don Sidle, USA

Farhad Bahrami Reykani, Iran


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