venerdì 3 ottobre 2014

Andrea Pecchia in mostra a Berlino

"ANDREAM" - vernissage

Pflügerstrasse 6 - 12047 BERLIN

ANDREAM 4 october - 9 november 2014 - AKA Berlin

Andream is a permanent dream drawn on our Social Body.
A permanent tattoo overcoming any physical border through dream, art and vision.
Being a visionary tattooist and painter, like a contemporary William Blake, Andrea Pecchia's imagery displays multiple meaning and perspective. His aim to frame a new sense of the world is built up through vision and di-vision, through crushing language and brilliant colours.
Tools become icons. Figures become symbols.
Ordinary objects are renewed and filled up with new sense and meaning.
A music staff, sales receipts, stamps, envelopes. Everyday stuff is turned into a fabulous material ready to be painted, worn-out daily “canvas” to be rewritten and drawn.
“Leg-end” is a broken heart, torn out by a lady's leg flowing into passion, reflected by a shining sword. A train ticket is turned into an artistic tweet. A magical stair hides a music staff climbed by a singing cock.
Daily objects change into sublime pieces of work and fantasy. Everyday “bodies” become multiple means of expression of an endless sense.
Andrea Pecchia rewrites reality out of the ordinary, making it unique, touching, emotional.
His artistic intention shows overflowing, colourful vibrations, marking a permanent search for life.
Andream is a symbolic journey, a dream of colour and word through daily light and night obsessions. Tattoes are the expression of such a journey, a living reflection of life. The strong author's intuition guides his “traveller” into the light and shade of nature, gathering the two human brain hemispheres into mutual correspondence. The close relationship between logical reason and dreamlike vision is translated into a unique colourful fusion of image and word showing the complexity of human soul.
Intuition is the special key for Andrea Pecchia to explore the human soul and express the art of living.
Pecchia carves a new path in painting permanent emotion on body and soul. Bodies are means of an endless “transport”, moving through different languages and codes, making each moment unique and permanent.
Andream is a soul journey through a dreaming reality of symbols. An awaking journey for all human conscience: Nessun dorma!

Giammarco Spineo

Da sabato 4 ottobre al 9 ottobre Andrea Pecchia espone a Berlino per Aka.
Molto bello il manifesto del vernissage dove l'artista rivisita la Porta di Brandeburgo, simbolo di Berlino e della passata separazione delle due Germanie, sostituendo alle colonne delle briose gambe di donna.

Alcune delle tante opere dell'artista romano:

...all roads lead to AKA!


Autunno 2014 - Parigi

Nessun dorma

Cappuccetto rosso (Wolf is death)

Andrea Pecchia - Portrait

Andrea PECCHIA 1972
Nasce a Roma (Italia) il 26 giugno 1972. Si interessa con passione di tutto quanto concerne la comunicazione visiva, e nel 1989 consegue la maturità artistica; nel 1992 porta a termine il corso di scenografia presso il teatro dell'Opera di Roma e nel 1995 si laurea in Scenografia presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti.
Si occupa di creatività, dipinge ed espone cartoon e disegni satirici, ricevendo segnalazioni premi e riconoscimenti.
Gli piace divertirsi con l'immaginario, e scrive storie per ragazzi.

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