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Egitto : elezioni

Gianfranco Uber
Perhaps this will take time but the large turnout in Egypt shows an irreversible and positive change. 29 Nov 2011
Seconda giornata di voto in Egitto. Dopo Il Cairo, Alessandria e Luxor, oggi sono chiamati al voto 18 milioni di cittadini tra Suez, Assuan e Gizah. Ci si aspetta una nuova vittoria per la coalizione dei partiti islamici, capeggiati dalla formazione politica dei Fratelli Musulmani.
Tante le vignette sulle elezioni egiziane qui una mia piccola raccolta:

Election Day in Egypt
Quel 28 Nov 2011

Gianfranco Uber
The renewed fighting in Tahrir Square has rekindled doubts about the will of the military to respect the outcome of free elections for a peaceful transition of power.
21 Nov 2011
Subroom: Elections in Egypt
Egypt Islamist win
By Emad Hajjaj, Jordan  -  12/6/2011
Egypt not changed
By Arend Van Dam,  -  11/22/2011 

Tahrir Square is Rebelling Again #101845
By Patrick Chappatte, The International Herald Tribune  -  11/26/2011 

New Model
Fabio Magnasciutti
Will Egyptian democracy work?
29 Nov 2011

Elections in the Arab World
Eray Özbek
The election results in Egypt are eagerly awaited, and polls indicate it will be one of two Muslim parties. Islam-oriented parties have also succeeded to win the elections in Morocco and Tunisia. 03 Dec 2011

Egypt After Elections
Ramzy Taweel
So!, The extremist are winning elections in Egypt, and we hear many of them speaking about putting there agenda and ideas on ground ... 06 Dec 2011

Elections post-Arab Spring
Miguel Villalba Sánchez (Elchicotriste)
Is everybody satisfied with the election's results in all the arab countries after the revolutions?Islamist parties seem to have taken place everywhere.Will military dictatures be substituted by religious dictatures?is it going to make a real difference for every man and woman in Tunisia, Egypt...will the arab spring lead to the extremist winter?the answer is blowing in the wind 07 Dec 2011
Egyptian Elections: Round Two
Sofia Mamalinga 14 Dec 2011
Egypt: Before & After
Amr Okasha 17 Nov 2011
The Path to Democracy
Fadi Abou Hassan 22 Nov 2011
voting arab women 
By Riber Hansson, Sweden  -  12/15/2011*

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