martedì 3 gennaio 2012

GB: Political Cartoon of the Year 2011

GB - La  vignetta "Caccia al tesoro" raffigurante la 'mappa Gheddafi' di Ben Jennings ha vinto lo scorso dicembre il premio  'Political Cartoon of the Year 2011' 

 Ben Jennings won the 2011 Political Cartoon of the Year award given by the Political Cartoon Society for this cartoon. Ben is an undergraduate working toward a BA Honours Illustration degree. 
On his blog, Ben says that he was 'utterly gobsmacked' to win:
I was utterly gobsmacked to win 'Political Cartoon of the Year 2011' (AKA The Gillray Goblet) - against some of the finest cartoonists in the UK (and world, why not!) It was my Gadaffi Treasure Map that won, published in The Guardian in August 2011:
The tenth annual Political Cartoon of the Year Awards was hosted by Ellwood & Atfield with The Political Cartoon Gallery.

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