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Terremoto e tsunami in Giappone

Una tragedia immane a cui si sta aggiungendo anche una catastrofe nucleare...
speriamo inferiore a Chernobyl... ma l'allarme è sempre più grave...
Il mio pensiero va a quel popolo dignitoso che composto piange le sue vittime.
Queste sono le prime vignette che ho scelto, seguiranno in un altro post quelle relative all'allarme atomico.

Japan's Great Tsunami

A not-to-smile cartoon about the powerful tsunami spawned by the largest earthquake in Japan's recorded history.

Japan's Earthquake
Many of the early cartoons about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami are inspired by Hokusai's famous woodcut The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This one's by Adams from The Daily Telegraph. See here for more examples.
Japan`s flag
By Petar Pismestrovic
Kleine Zeitung, Austria
By Patrick Chappatte, NZZ am Sonntag  -  3/14/2011

Here Be Monsters

Spiros Derveniotis
It is said that Godzilla was the the personification of Japan's injured psyche due to the Atomic Bomb's nightmare. Who knows what monsters will this new Mega Disaster spawn?
14 Mar 2011
Japan Quakes
By David Fitzsimmons, The Arizona Star - 3/11/2011
earthquake and tsunami 
Japan experiences worse earthquake in the country's history, while rebels and government continue to fight in Libya
Martin Rowson
Libia y Japón…
Pedro X. Molina



CONTESTO: Terremoto e tsunami in Giappone.
Gli eventi cui la natura ci ricorda quanto siamo piccoli iniziano ad essere un po' troppo frequenti, servirà?

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